The Case for Christ 2017 full online movie HD English

Investigative journalist and atheist himself, trying to disprove the existence of God after his wife became a Christian. Based on the true story of journalist, reporter, awards and is known atheist who use their usavršavaonovinarski and legal ability to kill newly formedChristian faith is unexpected, life-changing results.

Hard journalist Lee Strobel exactly where he should be at work: at the top. He recently received an award for improving performance rassledovaniiaZarabotalNjegov legal editor of Chicago Tribune. But it was not in takdobrehome, where his wife Leslie familiar with new faith in Christ, even though we believe – or not believe – known atheist. Using his journalistic and legal education, Lee begins searching, zaodbacimo requirements Christianity to save their marriage dissolved. Looking at naybilshyyrozpovidiof his career, Lee came face to face with the unexpected results that can change everything he knows, whether it is at present.

The Case for Christ 2017