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Documents, please unusual game where you play as a check immigration. Job you want to make sure everyone border, document their order and set changes constantly Legal Immigration lower than.


In the document,Please throw citizens of the Soviet Republic is said to work as an immigration inspection. Few get financeirasancionado and by doing wrong. As each individual immigrationkomBeheer, make sure everything is correct. It is becoming increasingly difficult as the game progresses, so it would be easy to miss something, was awarded a penalty.

You should ensure that you can feed your family healthy and able,So errors can have bad effect on them. It is difficult to manage in its base, so mistakes can lead to choose the members of the family you want to bevivo.cousas fall much lower.

depressieweDrab retro

Documents, please, interface design and the same controls are easy to pick up as the game progresses. Graphics, pixelated 8-bit character for inclusion feel bad gameSoviet, 80s. But the documents, please, not games or graphics are not the main attraction. This is a game that makes you think, and the obligation to see what kind of person when it is forced to choose between immigrants andjougesin deserve.

You are a bad person?

Papers, please, not fun in the traditional sense. It is designed and written absolutely beautifully. As proof that video games arestupid, and they could be ‘art is excellent.