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Stronghold Crusader II

Stronghold Crusader II

Stronghold Crusader II is the sequel to the excellent strategy game from 2002 Crusader fortress adds a tactical element of many engaging mechanics are similar to Age of Empires, they must develop their own castle. Put yourself on the front lines of war managementthe economy, and finish their opponents with shots from your catapult!

A strategy game with a varied and party

strongholdCrusader II returns to the fundamentals of its predecessor, offering an excellent blend of strategy and tactics that ocharovamnovodojdencite. In different game modes-play (campaignPlease, multiplayer), perform missions that are assigned to you or to protect your king, all the time trying to defeat your enemy ruler. mode multi-player has all the little things to keep you entertained, especially through cooperative mode excellent online, allowing themjoin withFriend to control the same army.

militaresnatureza Cross fortress is very well done: Provides Anti complicated, thanks to the numerous units obezbeduvaatdlabochina of traditional strategy games in real time (where archers face pikemen, who alsoface Cavalry). The tactical aspect is so exciting because of the possibilities of building available. You have a lot of freedom to build and expandtheir land, and aesthetically inclined may be lost in putting all the details about King castelohonra.

Interface that can beimproved in a number of ways

The second part of the cross the fortress stands out for its gameplay and content, but unfortunately, not its interface. From the beginning, they will leave their bad players blinded by a little dirty menus contrastingwith skillfully rendered graphics of the title.What’s worse is that the menus management interface of the game with the mouse parecefoi created quickly and in real time, without integration into the mechanisms that underlie today’s strategy games.

Commands you to give your discs are limitedand does not include text bubbles explains how to use the options that are dostapni.Ne can issue commands in batch, nor is it easy toselect unit. This is terrible for a game that debuted in 2014, four years after Starcraft II defines the standards that modern strategy game debevivir contractin terms of interface.

In its technical aspects, the second part of the fortress makes Cross series. Although the engine is a little less than impressive, the game delights eyes because the details of the care. Units have done really wellanimations, and the screen is filled Somali itemsthat allow coexistence and realism of the whole game. The resources appear and disappear in real time with warehouses, AAS battles are awesome to watch. The only thing missing is animation for the construction of buildings, a detail that does not diminish the satisfaction that comesthe game Stronghold Crusader II.

The latest in medieval strategy in real time

ifnot as in previous games in the fortress, make no mistake: you can go for this new episode, no worries. Content and play hands down the best, and you can enjoy excellentway multi-player, as wellas long and well-planned campaign. This does not mean that the game is not without its drawbacks, especially its interface painful, it does not offer even a quarter of what is expected modern strategy game in real time. Unfortunate fact that you can detersome, but not soserious to destroy the satisfaction that comes with building your own castle while launching repeated attacks of the enemy strengthened.