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Spark (Norman Dzheys) is a witty teenage ape living in an abandoned planet with her friends Nugget and VIX (Dzhesika Biyl). Thirteen years ago, eager authorities Zhong took control of their Beta planet, destroyed the candle family and sent it underground.
Today, Zhong plans to use the Kraken space to destroy the entire universe, and no one except the spark can stop him.

Spark, a teenage Maymunai his friends, a plate and VIX, is on a mission to restore the planetBana – Kingdom, overtaken by evil panginoonZhong. Thirteen years ago, the power-mad general ZhongOpanion of Bana Planet and torn it to pieces in the process. Now divided into hundreds of pieces, Zhong’s husband is the evil lord, ruling with an iron hand. Enter Spark, a teenage monkey and his friend, VIX, a notification and a Fox piece, and pigs know the technical details. The Circle 2017
Spark learns secret Zhong plans to take over the world as a giant monster known as Krakena -Creating black holes. If Zhong succeeds in pakinabanganang leg strength, he will be a deadly weapon in history with his hands, and Spark and his friends will stop him. The journey of the spark leads him to the farthest corners of the universe, where he becomes aware of the great danger and discovers the mystery of his true identity. Spark’s space of action full of humor and heart, Spark is the story of a boy who requires great responsibility in the process to find his place in the universe.
Before I Fall 2017

Spark: A Space Tail 2016