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PDFBinder 1.2

PDFBinder 1.2

Tools PDFBinder tool for the most part because the license GNU which means it is using public generally (GPU) or public general license (GPL), so you can use it for educational change operationShare, but not sold.

Keep your files into one file

The PDFBinder made by Joern, Red Shou. Tools you can use a number of different file ibangPDF merge binder vital force in your PDF files into one file.bentdan you can transport material and run it in place on your PDFBinder another. It is similar to a zip tool, except that it will not reduce your files just put them all in one place.As a binder, you can remove the PDF files as you see fit. You can combine PDF files to other file types into a single fileupang it.

Conclusion – no need to use expensive software to protect files action

ThePDFBinder is time saving and comfort tool.In instead use software slow and / or expensive to transfer your files or collect your files together, you can just use a binder book. You can use it for presentations,Because you have a document stock can make it if kayogusto.