Part 2 of our post regarding illuminati members, and who in popular culture today is often accused of being involved with the organization.

It would be very hard to write any sort of article on folks accused of being in The Illuminati, without mentioning ultra successful rap artist, entrepreneur, and all around cool guy, Jay-Z.

Jay-Z has been one of the most widely known possibly Illuminati members in the last, well, forever… and it is does not seem to be fading from his radar anytime soon, and to be honest, his behavior that promotes these accusations is only getting wilder.

Lets examine a few things that make Jay-Z a possible modern day Illuminati member, and why he is so regularly accused of being one:

1. In regular photos and concert performances, Jay-Z often flashes his notorious pyramid shaped hand signal. While this is the symbol for his record label, it often lead folks to believe it is in reference to the all seeing eye pyramid, something that has been associated with every new world order type organization.

2. Jay-Z is extremely wealthy, and rose from street corner hustler, to a half-a-billionaire in less that a life time, which is very hard to do. It is as if he some sort of powerful group pulling the strings behind his every move. Someone like The Illuminati.

3. After becoming the poster child of the modern day Illuminati, whether he is in said group or not, Jay-Z has seen a niche for his image, and has carved it out to help push himself into even more stardom and fame. One shining example of this is his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Even the name should make you realize what is going on. The entire album, literally from cover to cover, art, music, lyrics, are all covered with just enough subliminal messages and images to push society further and further into thinking hes up to something.  Although his lyrics often try to discredit the Illuminati members rumor, his album art, and references often say much different things about the whole situation. Ohh yeah, it may be his friends contributing to his new world order elitist image