Microsoft OneDrive 17 64-Bit

Microsoft OneDrive 17

Microsoft OneDrive 17

Microsoft OneDrive – a desktop client for the same name online store Microsoft. Device sleek offering up to 25 GB of free storage “in the cloud.”

In other words, Microsoft OneDrive working as Dropbox. This is similar to the hard disk online, synchronize files can useYou storage on your computer, so you can access it wherever you are. To be flexible, Microsoft OneDrive offer additional applications for the Mac, iOS and Android. iffeiliau access while you are awayfrom your computer, you can access your andahanya OneDrive Windows Live account that belongs to the family of Windows Live.

Microsoft OneDrive very easy to use. When you install on your computer, it will create a folder called Microsoft OneDrive your system. The folder is shared, so you need to give a copy of all the elements that you want to access. It comes with some sample documents, as gallwchyn easily cope with the system, but it really is very, very simple. After installationThe document vPapki, they akanboleh accessible from any computer where you sign up with an account OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive offers a host of online storage, and better integration with Windows Live. These factors combine to make it an instrument that is strong enough. In fact, there is configuration adatetapan, but if you want to access your computer from Microsoft OneDrive account (OPC else), you will need a special code. Once you have the code, however, much easier upravleniyaOperatsiito implement.

mempunyaidiingat that Microsoft OneDrive offers 7 GB of memory by default. However, if you already are a user OneDrive, you are entitled to 25 GB free, and can allow you through Microsoft Live account OneDrive. It is very fast and takes just one click.

yangversi 17, Microsoft has added a custom synchronization, so you can select the files you want to sync, but not sync all folders OneDrive. This leads SkyDriveDlya speed with competitors such asDropbox and Box.

In general, Microsoft OneDrive – excellentpermohonan. It is clean, fast and easy to use, and offers 25 GB of online storage for free.