Illuminati Members

illuminati hand signWhile is the only location online where you can get an official illuminati membership certificate,  The Illuminati and its origins can be traced back hundreds of years.

The real question in recent years, and the biggest Illuminati question yet, who are members of The Illuminati?
Lets start with the first “real” member of The Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt. Adam was the founder and first real member of The Bavarian Illuminati. Meaning, he is, in the sense, the founder of the entire Illuminati movement.

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776, and was the first real group ever actually historically linked to the name, Illuminati. Although today we see The Illuminati, as being regarded as an ultra elite secret society ruling the world, in 1776 Bavaria, their intentions were a tad bit different.

Listed among their top priorities:
Womens Rights, Anti-Superstition, Monitoring Abuses of State Power, Equal Education, and many other rather “not so sinister” intentions.

It is strange in this day and time to look back and try and compare where The Illuminati came from, to what people expect it to be now.

Now, lets move on to those that are accused of being members of The Illuminati today.

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