High Society, The wealthy, Superstars… Are they members of the illuminati?

The Illuminati has quickly became one of the fastest growing segments of pop culture today. Everyone from the pope to Jay-Z have been accused as alleged members of The Illuminati. So this leaves us asking, is this possible that they are Illuminati Members?

We see a big foot article, we think to ourselves, wonder if ole’ big foot could be out there somewhere?

Aliens…. maybe…… so when we hear Illuminati, why not… it could happen! I mean almost everyone accused as being in today’s Illuminati do kinda seem to have what it takes to rank up there with any sort of new world order or elite organization. All the better to temp our imaginations with!

I mean your roommate does have that sweet Illuminati membership certificate he scored from us over at www.joiningtheilluminati.com. So, is your roommate really in a secret society (probably not because our Illuminati membership certificates are for entertainment only), if not, then who are some members of The Illuminati, in its modern interpretation.

First, lets assume that the term Illuminati is used in a very different context than it was originally intended. As mentioned in our first blog post the group had grand intentions of anti-superstition, women’s rights, and an early idea of what we now call separation of church and state. Which is much different that the ideal we see in popular culture today, of “new world order” billionaire leaders, looking to move the commoners in which ever direction they please to forward their greedy agendas.

From women’s rights, and forward thinking ideals, to new world order talk and rap superstars, the idea of The Illuminati and its members have followed an odd course, but, here for you, are some common figure often associated with the 21st century adaptation of The Illuminati.