Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 download

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4


Title owned neighbor

Genre: War

Developer: Dynamic Top Games

Publisher tiniBuild

Date: 2017

About this game

You are playing against the elderly estIntellegentia vuchytstsau every movement. I really enjoyed going through the window into the room? Wait a bear trap it. During sneak into the front door? Kameretamo will be in the near future.To try to get away? A brief found that the next catch. Driven by the next ludohorror (not to jump games), which focuses on the development of sneak houseConstantlivopyt its neighbor, where neighbors HB deservedly through your moves, and find out doSandbok way to play a lot of the interaction between the environment and the phisicsHello neighbor comes in the summer of # 2017 the game is Ametini Beta stage.

system Requirements

Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7, upProcessor: i5 and upMemori MBRAMGraphics 6 andupStorage GTX 770 and GB 2 spaceSound card available: stereo. Good play min.