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GOM Media Player 2

GOM Media Player 2

GOM Media Player is an alternative media player free desktop with various advanced features. The software supports a variety of file types and provides the user with extensive customization options. It also integrates with mobile applications GOM, and to control the media player on your computer using your phone as a remote control. Popular in his native South Korea, GOM has entered English-speaking markets.

There are manyproperties, many formaatGOMMedia Player supports multiple filemaghain types, from common video formats like MP4, AVI and FLV to Matroska, Ogg, OGM and more. When a player codec required to play the selected file, it will automatically search online for what they need, which takes you to a place where you can download the relevant codec. Designed for multi-language environment, media player also supports manydifferent subtitle formats. You can also customize rupasari word for paninginmaximum. Compiling spelerjy can select the type of file will automatically open; If you have a media player for a specific format, you do not need to open them in the GOM. You can also adjust the video output quality on the screen and your device needs. If you want to shoot video, screen capture tool easy to use. If you want to watch avideo while doing something else, you can pemainkadar transparency appear transparent to the video on your screen.

An easy start baieopsiesDie GOM Media Player main interface is quite simple, if you have another media player program that you do not use any trouble figuring it out. Advanced control more technical options to match your current or listen to any media file. The second stage of selection is somethingyou will find again and again in this application – the main function is easy, but advanced options allow adjustments tinggitahap, kabilangi customize the look of the player. You can kieseen a small number of default skins or download more free sheet online.

Easy to use, but robust diepteDit alternative media player is very good, with excellent support for various file types and a relaxing atmosphere with a selectionofferings. If you are in the market for a free media player that can accept and adapt massively, it can be a good option paraiyo, tetapiia also suitable for those who just want a simple player that can only play files they do not care . The only grootnadeel this information is technical support is somewhat limited; aid is no more than a link to the FAQ, and ask you if it is protected, you’re out of luck.