Ghost Danur: I Can See Them watch full movie

Ghost-Danur: I see, his father worked in a foreign country, and his mother was busy taking care of his sick grandmother, working at the same time, Little Reese spent much of his time alone in a big house from his grandmother. In the eighth day of his birth Rees wants a friend to play the same night dengan.Pada, RiceIt meets three young Dutch children playing hide and seek in the closet of his grandmother. Although her mother could not see three guys Reese can not be worried because she is happy cheNeyniyat zhelaniebylo given. But one night his mother took pulangahli paranormal, which opened the eyes of Rize sothat he can see his friends in their true form.

Language: Indonesia

Classification: Not available

Release Date: May 4, 2017


Date: not available

Distributor: Entertainment Antenna

Starring: PrillyLatukonsina, Emilio Fernando Kortizo, Kinanosih Kevin Bzhezovski

Directed by Avi Suryadi

Format: 2D

Ghost Danur: I Can See Them