Expat Shield 2 x64 x86 Free Download

Expat Shield 2

Expat Shield 2

Expat Shield is a VPN is easy to access to UK TV services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV, which are from outside the UK.

Usually, this can not be done, because only users who access these services in the UK can do. However, Expat Shield bring your IP address using the IP address in the UK, so if you’re in the UK, no matter where in the world.


Expat Shield relatively long assembly dankeupayaan to choose whether Expat Shield, the toolbar can easily push install.When you start your browser automatically Expat Shield is a message that you can also see whether people are going to include personal connected properly. extremely fast connection and presents a random link below aantalTV negligible.

How to use

Enter the website address in the browser and select the BBC iPlayer. PowinieneśŻe surfing is much slower than biasaMelayari without Expat Shield. Just select the program you want to watch, and iPlayerwill start to play like you are in the UK. Delivery speed is fast and stable defeat and canoeing and rewind instantly.

It’s great that Expat Shield is free. All you have to do is ad banner at the top of your browser. You can cancel by clicking the “X”, even when viewing other pages reappear Banner.

An Shield Expattidak affects the browsing web pages outside the iPlayer, but if you want to disable, you need toto double-click on the desktop shortcut, and then go to the main panel in the browser, where you can disconnect from the VPN.

Shield for foreigners also come with the added bonus of saving your songs are anonymous on the Internet. For example, if you use the browser to search, ask surfer Expat if you want to enable or disable Google sejarahcarian detect and waves.

nietHij have much to complain about peoplePersonally, unless some users have discovered that sometimes struggle to establish a UK IP address assignment and termination of the United States (AnchorFree developers located in the United States), although we did not experience such problems in our tests.

If you want to watch British TV, including BBC and ITV outside the UK Expat Surfer is the perfect solution.