Camera To PDF Scanner Pro v2 Download

Camera To PDF Scanner Pro v2

Camera To PDF Scanner Pro v2

Instead of cutting PDF camera scanner

Requirements: Android and more

no version number does not have access to the Internet ads.

We believe that knowledge of the pledge in the amount of 100%. Scanner Pro is a portable PDF document, which is all the scans and images the camera to the scanner (PDF) PDF Sample image Vel. PDF Scannerto scan multi-page documents for the camera to use a smartphone, notes, whiteboards, maps and text. This scanning app you citoShare your letter and by e-mail, Bluetooth or Google easier, he looked more to do with a better interface, more or less useful functionality.

cameraPDF Scanner Features:

Document color crime, grayscale or black and white –

– Automatic detection of the document edges and said training

– There are many kinds of size (Letter, Legal, A4, A3, Business)

– But as many varieties of clear texts monochrome, scanning multiple pages

-Ultrafast processuset Quick Find

– Share documents or PDF PDF format the way of social media,

As manVerwenden PDF Scanner PRO camera:

– Step 1: Abyarytseёn wandered, written on the first page (or primary camera lens). Then on the next area you want to read (5, pressing the bottom left)

– 2ndGrade: C Edit scan increases against decrease there are shades of gray, if the document (Latin NameNew Book).

– Step 3: In addition to the title pages (pages 2, 3) to include all the pages of PDF-documents (in descending order by clicking on the left 5)

– Grade 4: E-mailIt can be used to participate directly in the document (by clicking) if the USB memory or to a PDF file in futboleCABL. PDF created: SDCARD / files and JPEG, stored in SDCard / PdfScanner / documents.

What’s new:

– Fix some minor

-In Improving performance



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