AVG AntiVirus Free 17 download free

AVG AntiVirus Free 17

AVG AntiVirus Free 17

Avast Free is one of the best antivirus on the market. This powerful, with many features and friendly interface.

Which antivirus along with lots of features

AvastBesplatno powerful antivirus, is an important tool to protect computer users from viruses, worms, Trojansprograms, rootkits and spyware, etc. While browsing the Internet or by email.

Scan speed and efficiency, as well as updates on a daily basis. Scan speed reduced by proper priorities scanning consume system resourcesplaced a high priority are led away from your computer, your low priority when you use it.

With AVG AntiVirus Free, you can alsoschedule virus scanning ahead and choose which parts of the system that need to be analyzed, and start scanningSpecial identifikovanarootkit.

Avast Free LinkScanneryaka component evaluates the safety of sites visited, and links to social network, including Facebook or Twitter.

Play mode allows you to disable correction and / or scan set so each time youplay video games does not include the delay or reduce the frame rate.

Kaspersky takozhzahyschaye your privacy by preventing unauthorized podataka.On analyzes the behavior of software installations and block any suspicious activity.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus includes File Shredder, a useful toolto delete files permanently from the computer.

Stylish and comfortable

Avast Free of course, a comprehensive forfirst. The user experience on the other hand, can be fully customized to the virus because of their special characteristics.

dizajnelegantan interface and modern style reminiscent of other Windows 8versions of popular Internet security

Unlike free versiyipopulyarnyy AVG AntiVirus includes online shield that protects you from potentially harmful downloads and data security, encrypted files, personal password. In addition to these functions Internet Security includes firewalland anti-spam filter for email.

Securing your computer

KasperskiAntivirusprotyvirusnyy with high quality. The engine is one of the best in their work, according to Avast! Or Kaspersky. Tool it protect your computer against security threats, while the consumption of resources and itsscan low speed makes it ideal for carrying, especially for people who are computer years.